I’m trying to order a Sample Pack, but it won’t let me add to cart

Our Sample Pack product requires you to choose which Platinum Shatter strain, Premium Shatter strain, Live Resin, and Vape Pen Kit flavour you want to sample. You also get a 1ml sample of Clear Distillate and Phoenix Tears, as well as a THC Gummy, a CBD Gummy, and 500mg of Full-Spectrum CBD Oil. There are 9 fields in total and if you don’t select something for all 9 fields it will not allow you to add the sample pack to cart. If you need help, email us at [email protected] and let us know that you would like to order in your Compassion Concentrates Sample Pack our of the options shown on the website.

We are eager to have you try our product. We also offer sample packs from our other wholesale sites, which you can check out at the following links.

VanCity Rolls Sample Pack

Herb Dispatch Sample Pack

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