Cannabis extracts in which the final product has been
systematically stripped of all materials and compounds
except one specific cannabinoid

Preserve the flavors and aromas of the living plant with
this malleable concentrate, sitting somewhere,
consistency-wise, between a wax and a sauce

Named for its breakability, this glassy cannabis concentrate
is a favorite among dabbing enthusiasts. Our careful and
unrushed creation process is second to none

For a quick convenient kick, we’ve got our industry
leading vape kits and cartridges. A must have for any cannabis
retailer, we use nothing but the best quality cannabis vapor
For a tasty and convenient edible solution, look no further
than our high quality cannabis edibles, available in both
THC and CBD varieties, our Edibles are 
Increase cognitive function, productivity and focus
with psilocybin micro-dose capsules. Available as
100mg, 200mg, or 300mg capsules

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